Hearing assessment  and Rehabilitation

Hearing Assessment and Rehabilitation

We offer complete and comprehensive audiometric evaluations for patients referred to the clinic. The hearing assessment provides evidence regarding how the outer, middle and inner ear functions. Only when this is accomplished can the most appropriate treatment option be recommended and the quality of life enhanced through better hearing.  The following tests help us arrive at the type and degree of hearing loss that affects the patient:

a) Patient history
b) Otoscopic examination
c) Tympanometry
d) Acoustic Reflexes Threshold
e) Air and bone conduction audiometry
f) Tuning Fork tests
g) Speech audiometry which consists of Speech Reception Threshold and Speech Discrimination Scores
h) Auditory Brainstem Responses which include threshold detection and site of lesion testing
i) Oto-acoustic Emissions which includes DPOAEs and TEOAEs
j) Auditory Steady State Responses
k) Electrocochleography

The audiologist carries out a comprehensive test battery which helps him arrive at the right diagnosis. Following this, the patient is counseled regarding rehabiltation if required and the audiology opinion is reported in the patient's electronic file.  These reports are available to the concerned doctors through the hospital management system.