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  • Our Goal

    To provide our patients with top quality hearing health care
  • Audiology ranking in
    Career Cast

    Audiology has been ranked the second best career in 2015 by career cast.com
  • Kuwait Oil Company

    Through Ahmadi hospital provides free hearing aids and assistive devices for patients
  • Among the first to conduct
    universal newborn hearing
    Screening Program

    in Kuwait and the Middle-east
  • We generate
    Public Awareness

    Through educational booklets and campaigns.
  • We conduct

    camps and hearing screening programs for school children
  • Hearing conservation for
    Oil Sector Employees

    Through periodical hearing screening program
  • The Dizzy Clinic
    Coming Soon

    our most recent , cutting- edge expansion

Kuwait is an independent Arab State. It is a state in which succession is confined to descendants of the Al-Sabah family

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The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is an oil company headquartered in Ahmadi, Kuwait. It is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

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The Audiology clinic is committed to serving adults and children with hearing health care needs.

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The Dizzy clinic is a recent expansion to audiological services provided at Ahmadi Hospital.

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Authored by Al-Kandari JM, Alshuaib WB..

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Audiology is a challenging and expanding field of clinical science and technology, involving the study of hearing and balance. As a healthcare profession, audiology also involves assessment, management and therapeutic rehabilitation of people with hearing and balance problems and associated disorders.This includes patients of all ages from newborns and children through to working adults and the elderly. Audiology- ranked best career in 2006-2008 by US News and World Report and fourth best by Career Cast in 2013..


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Dr. Saud Al-Ajmi
Senior ENT Specialist

“We ensure that we screen every child in our hearing screening program,” Dr. Saud Al-Ajmi begins. “This is a crucial time: If we catch a child early, we can decide to operate with a cochlear implant or fit them with a hearing aid....

Sujatha Ravi, Audiologist and Speech therapist

I’m Sujatha Ravi, Audiologist and Speech therapist at Ahmadi hospital. I have been working here for the past 5 years.Today I would like to discuss Otosclerosis from an audiologist’s perspective....

Mrs.Vimi Mathew

Mrs.Vimi Mathew is an Audiologist who works at Ahmadi Hospital since 2009. In the following discourse, she talks about the audiological aspects of Meniere’s Disease ....

Hearing Aids Dispensers

Hearing Aids Dispensers Companies in Kuwait

"Hearing Aid Dispenser, Please Participate by providing us your contact details. this is for patients' assistence."